Fees & Appointments

Appointments are between 830am and 5pm Wednesday to Friday.

Appointments are 50 minutes long.

With a doctor's referral, you will be out of pocket for $35 to $55 per sessions for ten sessions (my fees are from $120 to $140 for an individual session, depending on means (eg: students, unemployed etc), and a doctor's referral entitles you to a rebate of $84.60 per session).

The fee for a relationship counselling session is $160.


You will need to consult your doctor, who will draw a mental health care plan for you and provide you with a referral. This referral makes you eligible for a rebate of $85 per session, for 10 sessions per calendar year, which you receive at the end of the session, after having made the payment. 

I welcome your questions and enquiries. Please call 0402 559 234, or e-mail jade@counsellingbondi.com

Services are provided in accordance with the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, and Charter for Clients of Psychologists.

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