Counselling for Individuals

I specialise in working with women experiencing a range of issues - self esteem, relationship issues, body image and eating...Have a look below:

  • Depression

    Often feeling down and sad, feeling you’re ‘not good enough’, struggling to feel motivated or interested in your life, regularly feeling lonely or miserable inside, feeling empty, hopeless, helpless; these are all symptoms of depression.

  • Anxiety/Worry

    Worrying or being fearful much of the time, feeling stressed or anxious so often or so intensely that it interferes with living your life, experiencing signs of panic (racing heart, breathlessness, shaking) or often feeling on ‘high alert’,..

  • Pregnant Women and New Mothers

    Pregnancy and being a mother is not always the bed of roses that some think it is. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed during pregnancy and when caring for a young child is a common experience for women - it is however...

  • Survivors of Childhood Abuse and ..

    A traumatic event or a difficult childhood event can continue to trouble someone long after the traumatic events have ceased. Many women in Australia have experienced abuse or violence (including sexual abuse) from others, including...

  • Relationships Issues

    Some women wonder why they can’t attract the ‘right’ man; some wonder why they keep attracting– or keep being attracted to - the ‘wrong’ type of man. Some may be with the ‘right’ man but feel unable to get what they want from the relationship...

  • Eating and Body Image Issues

    What woman - young or old - has not been concerned about her weight and has not tried to control her eating, or her weight, at one point in her life? Focus on women's body shape and size is encouraged by the media and society ..