Pregnant Women and New Mothers

Pregnant Women and New Mothers

Pregnancy and being a mother is not always the bed of roses that some think it is. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed during pregnancy and when caring for a young child is a common experience for women - it is however little recognized and talked about!

Even if dearly desired, a pregnancy and a baby present real challenges. Feeling overwhelmed by a pregnancy or feeling uncomfortable with some of its aspects (e.g. body changes, anxious about the birth etc.), managing the stress and relentlessness of caring for a new baby, adjusting to the new role and sacrifices of a mother, family pressures and competing demands between work and family, isolation, relationship difficulties following the arrival of children: these and more are all common issues for new mums!

If you are pregnant, or are new mother, and if you feel sad, stressed or anxious, or if you feel overwhelmed, please call me for an appointment, counselling will help you. Whilst it is normal to struggle with some aspects of motherhood, it is important not to isolate yourself, and to seek help before difficulties worsen.