Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Sexual Assault

Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Sexual Assault

A traumatic event or a difficult childhood event can continue to trouble someone long after the traumatic events have ceased. Many women in Australia have experienced abuse or violence (including sexual abuse) from others, including from those they trusted. Such experiences can be deeply traumatizing. If you have persistent feelings, thoughts or memories from the past that cause you pain, if you experience feelings of guilt and shame about the event(s), counselling will help you deal with these. Difficulties sleeping, being irritable, feeling ‘on edge’, being unable to relax, avoiding reminders of the event(s), distancing yourself from others: these are all symptoms of a traumatic stress reaction. Most damaging of all for women’s health can be feelings of guilt and shame, the feelings and thoughts that they brought it upon themselves, that they are now ‘damaged goods’, deficient, inadequate or simply unlovable, the thoughts that maybe they somehow ‘deserved’ what happened or ‘should’ have been able to prevent the event(s). Please ring me if you feel like this, I can help.

Research indicates that symptoms of traumatic stress often do not go away without help, and that psychological support does help. Please make an appointment with me, or seek support from a health professional if you are troubled by a traumatic event.