Success Story

  • Josie

    Josie is a single woman, who has been suffering from long standing depression. Through discussing her issues, we identified that Josie had a very poor self esteem and body image (thoughts and feelings about herself and her body), which led her to isolate herself socially which in turn led to feelings of loneliness and depression. Identifying the negative thoughts and feelings, expressing them and feeling understood and supported empowered Josie to challenge her unheplful thinking about herself, and encouraged her to slowly face her fears of 'not being good enough' and of being socially rejected.

  • Paul and Clare

    Paul and Clare have been married for two years. They argue a lot and are seeking help with communication. Clare often gets angry with Paul and feels he is 'not there'. Paul stays silent or leaves the room when Clare yells at him. 

  • Jim

    Jim lives with his partner. He is refered by his doctor for anxiety. He has difficulty sleeping, has a lot of nervous energy and reports he feels his heart 'beating in his chest' throughout the day at work. He calls himself a perfectionist and is proud of the high standards he places on himself. 

  • Amanda and Peter

    Amanda and Peter presented after Peter had an affair at work. After our initial consultation it appeared that both had been feeling lonely in the mariage and that their distance from each other had started after the birth of their children. Amanda had stayed home after the birth of their first daughter and Peter had focused on work and worked long hours. Amanda had felt lonely and resentful that Peter was 'not there' for her during the upheaval of first time motherhood and, her protests falling on deaf ears (as Peter felt helpless to help, he did not know 'how to fix it'),