• Josie

    Josie is a single woman, who has been suffering from long standing depression. Through discussing her issues, we identified that Josie had a very poor self esteem and body image (thoughts and feelings about herself and her body), which led her to isolate herself socially which in turn led to feelings of loneliness and depression. Identifying the negative thoughts and feelings, expressing them and feeling understood and supported empowered Josie to challenge her unheplful thinking about herself, and encouraged her to slowly face her fears of being socially rejected. Josie made efforts to go to dance classes and to ask friends to go out in the evenings - even when she did not feel like it or felt scared of being rejected, which led her to build on each 'achievement' and feel stronger and more confident. Six months later, she was more outgoing socially, felt less lonely, took care of her body and her appearance and felt much better about herself. She now has a boyfriend.