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what is the fee? Can you reduce it?

The fee is $160 for individual counselling or  $180 for relationship counselling. I might be able to reduce the fee if you are on a low income and can attend between 9am and 3pm, please ask me.

what is the medicare rebate?

$85 per session upon referral by your doctor, for ten sessions per calendar year. You receive the medicare rebate at the end of the session providing you have a doctor's referral (please bring it to the session), your medicare card number and a card with a savings or a cheque account (the rebate is deposited on that account by Medicare)

what methods do you use? .

I use the latest evidence based methods in psychology which means that my methods have been researched and found to be effective in a sample population. As most Psychologists, I use combinations of methods to best tailor therapy to your individual circumstances, needs and preferences. Some people might be more comfortable focusing on thoughts and thinking patterns (which Cognitive Behavior Therapy, CBT, focuses on), others on feelings (and I might use Emotion Focused Therapy), or on the body-mind link (in which case I might focus on sensorimotor therapy, which integrates an awareness of our physical sensations, as well as an awareness of our thoughts and feelings, in treatment (for instance, I might as you to notice your breathing or heart rate when you relate negative thoughts - as the act of notice and observing our physical responses without judgement can also in itself regulates our stress response  - which is what mindfulness is about.  Mindfulness is nowadays a prerequisite to any effective therapy. 

Is there a cancelation fee?

Yes,  when we make an appointment, I put aside a whole hour for you, and if you cancel or reschedule too close to our allocated appointment time, it is difficult to reallocate that time to anyone else. AS most psychologists, I require a 48 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, which then allows me to release the time for others who might want it. I need to charge the whole fee, if cancellation or request to reschedule is within 48 hours of the appointment. Thank you for your understanding!

is there parking nearby?

The closest car park is in Eastgates shopping centre. There is limited fee paying street parking. The train station is nearby.

what happens at the first session?

In a relaxed and warm atmosphere, we will first discuss what brings you to consult with me: the problems that you would like a solution to or feelings or situations you would like relief from. After clarifying what brings you to me, I will ask you some questions about your background (a little about your childhood, your parents and siblings, and your current relationships or current family circumstances, work, and any circumstances you think I might find useful). In subsequent sessions, we will look start to explore solutions to the issues we identified. 

how many sessions will i need?

It depends on what you need : some people just want help through a temporary situation, some want to do deeper work on themselves, which can mean more sessions in the medium or even longer term.