Services + Fees

Make life work. 

Make life work. 


I work professionally and warmly with a wide range of emotional and behavioural issues that humans encounter.  In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I offer a personalised approach, based on latest research in psychology and tailored to your individual needs to help attain the personal growth, internal calm and quality of relationship you wish for. 

Please ask me if you need a reduce fee (if you are on a low income).

individual therapy: $160(50 minutes)

Individual therapy is a collaboration. We work together to resolve issues that brought you to see me.  We initially identify the issues and where they might originate from, and we start to identify goals or wishes for welbeing. The first session starts by evaluating your presenting issues, clarifying triggering and maintaining factors  and their links to the feelings or behaviours you do not wish to have any longer.

individual counselling: $160 (50 minutes)

Counselling is for any person going through a difficult time (grief, relationship breakdwon, unemployment, family changes...). My aim is to assist you in going through those changes and challenges and to offer you an emotional and psychological support in this difficult time. The counselling hour is the safe, confidential space that one needs to express their thoughts and feelings without the usual worry of 'burdenning' friends or family or of feeling embarrassed that one is disclosing too much. We all suffer, and us humans do better when someone is there to hold our hand in the dark. 

relationship therapy; $160-180 (50 minutes)

All couples have their own stories and unique dyamics. Relationship therapy focuses on helping both partners to better understand each other, and understand their patterns of relating. We observe patterns of relating, and notice whether those patterns are enriching and supportive to each partners, or not. If those patterns are not supportive, we develop new ways of relating and communicating that are more conducive to responsive, nurturing relationships. 

Medicare rebate and Insurance

Medicare $85/session — If you doctor has referred you to me (although the referral letter does not need to bear my name), you will receive $85 back on the consultation fee, at the end of the session.

Insurance — Please check whether your individual plan covers psychology consultations.